Debugging applications: a data mining approach — Vincent Leroy ( Université de Grenoble)

Le laboratoire Samovar organise un séminaire transverse  
lundi 29 mai de 14h à 15h en G09  
présenté par Vincent Leroy (Université de Grenoble).

Title:   Debugging applications: a data mining approach  

Debugging applications can be a tedious task. Traditional test methods focus  
on identifying functional bugs in which a function outputs an erroneous value.  
However, more subtle bugs can occur in concurrent systems, such as a function  
call in a video decoding application occasionally missing its deadline and  
causing a visual artifact. In this seminar, I will show how data mining can  
help developers better understand these issues.  

In the first part of this presentation, I will consider the case of embedded  
systems and multimedia applications. The developer first records a trace of  
the application, containing both normal activity and misbehaviors. Our  
framework, using a combination of clustering and pattern mining, identifies  
erroneous activities and finds which system behavior they are correlated to.  
The second part of the presentation will focus on model checking. In this  
case, the developer can ask a solver to verify a property (such as B is never  
executed after A), and the solver usually returns a counter-example trace  
containing hundreds of events. Our approach, based on execution graph
analysis, generalizes and abstracts counter-examples to help developers focus  
on the key parts of their program that really impact the bug.

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