Research Agenda on Enterprise 2.0 @ Zayed University: Past, Present, and Future — Zakaria Maamar (Zayed University in Dubai)

Le laboratoire Samovar organise un séminaire transverse lundi 10 juillet de  
14h à 15h en G10 présenté par Zakaria Maamar (Zayed University in Dubai).

Ce séminaire est ouvert à tous (doctorants, enseignants-chercheurs).

Title: Research Agenda on Enterprise 2.0 @ Zayed University: Past,  
Present, and Future

Abstract: Since 2014, our international research group whose members are  
based in Brazil, France, Serbia, and UAE, has been examining the blend  
of social computing with business processes. This blend is in line with  
the latest investigations about the role of social media in making  
enterprises more agile and responsive to their surroundings. Enterprise  
2.0, aka social enterprise, is the one that captures the social  
interactions between the components of its business processes (aka  
know-how) and converts these interactions into relations upon which  
specialized networks are built. On the one hand, components include  
task, person, and machine. On the other hand, interactions include for  
instance, substitution, collaboration, and delegation. In this  
presentation, we discuss our research agenda on Enterprise 2.0 in terms  
of past achievements (e.g., social coordination of business processes),  
present endeavors (e.g., mixing business and social logs in support of  
business processes performance), and future perspectives (e.g., process  
of things).

Speaker’s short bio: Dr. Zakaria Maamar is Professor in the College of  
Technological Innovation of Zayed University in Dubai, UAE. His current  
research interests are primarily related to business process management  
and social computing. Maamar has a PhD in computer science from Laval  
University in Quebec City, Canada.

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